Why We Said Yes!


We began our journey focused on the wonderful moments we could experience and share together– taking each day in stride with no end goal or destination in mind.  Our very first date was an impromptu beach day that set a carefree and casual tone. From then on, adventure and travel was woven into the DNA of our relationship. We became acquainted with each other’s hidden charms and quirks while familiarizing ourselves with cities like Barcelona, Ibiza, Sedona and Palm Springs. Exploring far-flung locales and navigating the occasional travel hiccup as a team, strengthened our communication and trust.

For instance, a cancelled connecting flight to Rome turned out to be a pop quiz in flexibility, teamwork and compromise with very little margin– or time– for error. Fortunately, we passed with flying colors and turned a potential buzzkill into a non-issue. Experiences like these reassured us that we could handle adversity individually and as a team. Marriage, like travel, is an adventure. At its best it’s a journey filled with love, happiness, lessons, plot twists and triumphs. Traveling extensively together helped to highlight our shared values– and motivated us to write a new chapter of our story that we hope will inspire you on your journey.

We’re both experienced enough to know how precious it is to find love. And how important it is to share it, cherish it and never give up on it.

Photo Credit: Von Thomas Photography for @KoshieMills




  1. Congratulations on your engagement!!! I wish you two many years of love and safe travels. Cheers to many years of adventures?

    • Malinda you look extremely happy and I celebrate you finding a partner that gives you that. Congrats sis I wish you both forever ?.


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