Find the Freedom to Be Yourself – Travel More


Traveling has in some ways given me a better sense of myself. It has all at once, exposed to me both the greatness and insignificance of my life and contribution to this world. We truly are a “grain of sand on a grain of sand”. It is both freeing and humbling.

Ever since I was little girl, I’d always loved things that were colorful, eclectic and a little off-beat. Patterns, pieces and fabrics that didn’t necessarily “go together” or “match”, as they say. As I grew into a young woman, getting to know myself a bit better proved liberating. I realized that the more I honored and valued myself, my individuality– the better I felt. Life became more satisfying when I became less concerned with what others thought and focused more on what, where and who made me feel valued and happy.  My particular “mismatched” flavor is and was always more reflective of a feeling and an expression of mood than any particular style, and as long as it feels good to me, nothing else matters— I guess that’s whole the point of style; It’s personal. Be You-tiful.



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