Exploring My Casual Obsession with Style


When I first heard the phrase, “casually obsessed,” it struck a chord. Such a succinct and elegant expression of a complex and contradictory state of being.  At once indifferent and insatiable, confident, confessional, aware and affirming. A close relative of “accidentally on purpose.” Casually Obsessed with Sports was a blog that predated my tenure at AOL BlackVoices. It was irreverent and cultivated a mostly healthy interest in sports and professional athletes. That blog no longer exists, but the sentiment has never been far from my heart– or my reality. Style is my casual obsession. Iappreciate style in myriad forms including writing, architecture, dance, music and design. Even science and mathematics bow in reverence to style– né elegance. But most often, I express my appreciation for style (and sometimes my mood) through my clothing. Whether it’s working out or stepping out, I’m gonna feel good doing it. And a proper ‘fit feels so good. It’s something I have appreciated since grade school (Below is a photo of my older brother and me to prove it). I had a classmate from middle school through high school who never once wore jeans or sneakers to school. It always intrigued me that he was as comfortable in his slacks and shoes as everyone else was in jeans and sneakers. Even though his name escapes me through the haze of decades– his style and his confidence stand out. My own sense of style began to blossom in college. Freed from home and old acquaintances, community norms and expectations, I dove headlong into whatever style was on trend at the moment. From super fly to tie-dye, I’ve tried it all at some point–with varying degrees of success.  I did what felt good– then and now. The experience helped me to refine my understanding of what works for me. It’s an ongoing education. My style is a constant evolution,  driven primarily by my sense of self with varying levels of influence from history, pop culture and the whims of fashion. Casually Obsessed is a chronicle of my journey through Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Flyness. Join me in exploring all manner of sartorial style with occasional forays into other obsessions like gadgets and architecture. I’ll make sure to keep it casual.   –TMW


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