All the Comforts of Home: Taking Your Routine on the Road


When preparing for a trip, few things are more frustrating about the packing process than having to transfer body oils,  face creams, shampoos and hair gels into little 3-ounce plastic, TSA compliant containers. Personally, I find it a messy, daunting task compounded by my tendency to put things off ’til the last possible minute. Better that (I guess) than having my favorite sunscreen or expensive body butter confiscated and callously trashed by TSA.

While there may not be room enough in any one suitcase to travel all of the favorite things we think we can’t live without, there are tons of wonderful and useful packable products I’ve found, that help me maintain my usual routine and keep me, comfy, fresh and fabulous while traveling. Here a few of my faves.


Instant coffee crystals

No matter where we are in the world, starting the day without a hot cup o’ joe simply isn’t an option –at least not for me.  Though not all coffee rituals are created equal and like most caffeine connoisseurs I have a pretty specific order to fill. It’s surprising how differently coffee is served around the world (or heaven forbid, not served at all), so to ensure I never find myself deprived, I bring my own.  By no means am I suggesting coffee crystals as a replacement for freshly brewed, but given the availability of some great on-the-go options, you’ll be satisfied at being able to get your fix anywhere in the world.

My Favorite: Via Instant (; $14)


Travel size makeup remover wipes

I have one question about tote-able makeup remover wipes –what took so long? Yes, makeup remover wipes have been around for quite some time now and we in the entertainment industry have swabbed our cheekbones with them for years. But alas, your favorite cosmetic brand has now made it convenient for you to cleanse, refresh and even moisturize your pores at 35,000 feet.

Available at: (Target; $5.99)


Roll-on perfume

I am a bit of a scent freak and a huge fan of sample and travel-size perfumes. Much like hairstyles and fashion, many women like to preserve their feminine mystique by switching things up a bit. Thankfully most perfumers make it convenient for us to do the same with our favorite scents by offering on-the-go and travel sizes. My favorite is the rollerball variety. They’re discreetly compact allowing you to keep ’em guessing as you switch up your “signature scent”.

My Favorite: Illume go be lovely Demi Perfume (; $12.99)



The Gym Wrap

My forever-homegirl and sister-friend,  Nicole Ari Parker (@Nicoleariparker) is not only an award-winning television, stage and film actress, but a devoted wife, mother and savvy, entrepreneur who somehow finds the time and energy to get in regular, intensive workouts. She created one of my all-time favorite travel staples, The Gym Wrap. Its patented sweat-wicking technology is exactly what you need for all kinds of activities, like yoga, running, crossfit, or just every-day use.

Get The Gym Wrap: (; $19.95)


Gaiam Folding Yoga Mat for travel

Nothing warms my heart and my chakras more than a hotel room with a yoga mat stashed in the closet. Though this is not always the case. Fortunately, when it comes to Yoga, the folks over at Gaiam get it. Their Sundial Foldable Yoga Mat is ultra lightweight and highly compact. The mat folds flat and easily fits in your carry-on or tote bag, making it easier than ever to maintain your fitness routine and get your asanas in while on the road.

Available at: (; $24.95)


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