5 Things to Make Any Hotel Room Feel Like Home


There truly is no place like home. Even the nicest hotels and AirBnB accommodations lack the comfort and feel of your own space. After a long flight, or day of sightseeing, it’s sometimes hard to fall asleep in an unfamiliar environment with strange sounds and shadows– not to mention street noise. Fortunately, you can bring a bit of home with you and make any accommodation feel more comfortable. Here are some of the things Malinda and I are sure to pack to help us relax, relate and release no matter where we stay. Scented Candles: If you’ve ever walked into a room that smelled a little, off– you know the importance of a scented candle or two. Even if the room smells fine, adding your own aroma to the mix can make a huge difference. Calming, invigorating, earthy or otherwise– you’ll appreciate being able to control the exact scent. Tea lights will do the trick and won’t take up much space in your bag– just don’t forget a lighter. (TSA prohibits traveling with matches in your carry-on)

Bluetooth Boombox: Music soothes the soul and can set the mood for everything from a motivating morning to a chill night in the room. The hotel radio doesn’t fit the bill and not all of the in-room speakers have the right jack– or bluetooth connection. Besides a mini-boombox can follow you around the room from the balcony to the shower and is nice to have when you’re headed to the beach or other outdoor activity. White Noise Generator: Because you never know what sounds you’ll be subjected to when you’re on the road– and not everyone can fall asleep to music. We’ve had to deal with everything from a screaming match in an adjoining room to street noises that make it hard to fall asleep. White noise to the rescue. It can also be a great way to start your day with a bit of white noise-aided meditation.

Pillow Case: There’s nothing like the comfort of your own linens– especially if the hotel’s are more like sandpaper than sateen. Unfortunately, bringing a whole set of sheets isn’t always practical– besides you make the bed enough at home. The pillow case is important because having your head cradled in softness can help you get to sleep and stay that way. Also, ladies can pack a silk pillowcase to maintain your lovely locks.
Deck Of Cards: A game of Gin Rummy, War or even Crazy Eights is a nice way to chill out and talk about the day while you’re winding down. A little friendly competition and conversation are an excellent way to review the day and make plan for tomorrow before dozing off. –TMW


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