3 Fun Daycation Ideas for Couples


It’s early in the year and many us start off with ZERO vacation days. Those of us whose days don’t roll over have to work well into March before accruing enough time off for that epic vacay with bae.  No worries. You don’t need no stinking vacation days! Take a #Daycation. The two of you can still experience the joy of a getaway minus the packing and long-term planning.

Your imagination is your only limitation, and the one requirement is that you spend an uninterrupted day together. Malinda and I take them all the time. It’s a great way to recharge yourselves and your romance. Take a sick day, a personal day, a Saturday or a Sunday and make it happen. If you have children, leave them at home or send them on a long overdue playdate.  They’ll be fine and it’s well worth it for them and for you. Here are a few of our favorite daycation options to get you inspired.

Relax and Recharge with a His and Hers Spa Day

If you and your sweetheart haven’t had a spa day together– get a late pass.  A full day of pampering and relaxing together can do wonders for you both. There’s time and space to get individual and couples treatments. From mani/ pedis (Guys, don’t shy away just skip the polish) to facials, salt scrubs and all manner of massages– you’ll both find things to soothe, stimulate and invigorate you. My first-ever full body salt scrub was at Malinda’s urging. The softness and clarity of my skin was a revelation– the result of a slightly painful first time process.  I’ve had several since and– trust me– it gets better. Spend time together in the common areas and the saunas, steam rooms and/ or pools and try to find a spa with dining options of some sort so you’ll have plenty of options to nourish and hydrate during your day-long chill. And don’t forget to check the upscale hotels in your area. Many have excellent spa facilities. If decide on a hotel consider Daycation, an app that helps you book a daypass or cabana at luxury hotels around the country. It’s a perfect option for the two of you to enjoy the pool and other hotel amenities without the room charge.

Conversation, Stimulation and More: Spend the Day Taking in a Museum

Everyone likes something. And chances are– since y’all are together– some of those things overlap. If not, this is a good opportunity to find overlooked local art, theater, dining, movies and the sort of familiar landmark sites that we often overlook. Take the day to explore the things that draw people to your city or region. It could be a play, a concert, a park or a movie. The things don’t matter as much as the two of you taking the time to be stimulated by the arts, culture and environment that you may sometimes take for granted. We are fortunate since there is no shortage of options in the greater Los Angeles area. The Getty Museum is one of our favorite #Daycation destinations. There’s artwork, beautiful scenery, sculptures, photography and several restaurants that cater to most palates. We’ve spent hours at the property lounging on the lush lawn and being awed and inspired in turn by the stunning views of LA and the incredible works of art.  Pick a few destinations you like, add refreshments of your choice and make a day of it.

Movies and Dinner

Yeah, we know this is already a thing, but we’re not talking about your typical after work date. Movies and dinner is an all-day movie marathon that starts from the comfort of your couch and ends with your favorite comfort foods. But first, breakfast. Pick you favorite morning meal and savor the meal and the moment and have that together at a leisurely pace. You’re in no rush.  Our favorites vary as long as waffles and plenty of butter are involved. Over breakfast the two of you can decide on a theme or playlist of movies. Get creative, but make sure you both can stomach the picks. This isn’t the time to go hard on a favorite genre that your partner can’t stand. But if horror slashers get you both giddy, we won’t judge. Pick a few flicks that you both can enjoy and make plans for dinner at your favorite local restaurant. Once the marathon is over, you can keep the party going with drinks, a favorite meal and dessert.

Whatever you decide, make it fun for both of you. Keep work, social media check ins and other distractions to an absolute minimum. Remember, this is only a #Daycation so the work will be there tomorrow.




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