3 Can’t Miss Valentine’s Day Travel Destinations


Congratulations! Taking a vacation for Valentine’s Day is an inspired choice.  Whether you’re planning this couple’s trip as a surprise or doing it together, we’ve got a few Valentine’s Day travel ideas for your consideration. Remember, it’s about both of you (unless you’re a man then it’s really not about you).

Truthfully, traveling, on February 14th is like any other vacation travel: Plan wisely and you’ll increase your chances of success exponentially. Here are three of our favorite #Beacation travel destinations that will keep romance high on your agenda. Just don’t forget to set your intentions and steer clear of unrealistic expectations.

First, you’ll need to decide what kind of Valentine’s Day travel mood you’re in– boozy, balmy or cozy. We suggest picking the one that gets you both in a sexy state of mind. From there– the choice is yours…

 Wine Tasting in Sonoma Valley

If you and your lover are into wine– and its uninhibited aftermath– Sonoma Valley (or sibling Napa) should be high on your list for Valentine’s day travel. It won’t be particularly warm, averaging a high of only sixty degrees. But that’s more than hospitable enough to enjoy the wine, the scenery and hit a few local shops and restaurants. The chill in the air will make you all the more eager to get back to your warm and cozy room.  We stayed in Sonoma, within walking distance of its quaint town square and several charming blocks of area artisans and entrepreneurs.

There are plenty of tours, tastings and accommodations for every budget and flavor profile. Malinda and I met up with a couple of friends and had a great time eating and drinking our way around Sonoma Valley. The four of us had a fun and memorable meal at Saddle’s Steakhouse that lasted a few hours and culminated with dessert and a game of Spades at the table. But don’t dismiss the food at the wineries– it isn’t necessarily an afterthought. Some take as much pride in their cuisine as their wine– luring executive chefs from well-known restaurants. We were blown away by the food, the presentation and– of course– the wine in the Bubble Room Experience at J.Vineyards winery.

 Puerto Rico is for Lovers

Consider this quick tropical getaway if your idea of Valentine’s Day travel is somewhere warm where you can shed your inhibitions along with your winter layers. It’s pretty convenient from the majority of the eastern United States. Flights from as far north as Chicago are less than five hours non stop– and reasonably priced to boot. You can give your tastebuds, your dancing feet and your lover a little sabor without technically leaving the country.

Although Hurricane Maria took a toll on Puerto Rico, tourism has recently become a focus of the island’s recovery. A public relations campaign assures would-be travelers that the island is indeed “Open for business.”  According to reports, most hotels and restaurants in and around San Juan are ready and willing to help you make cupid swoon. When Malinda and I were last there we enjoyed a tasty meal of Puerto Rican classics at Lola’s restaurant after exploring  everything from hidden beaches to El Yunque National Forest (Check here for availability since the hurricane). Our hike down to the famous waterfall was lush and beautiful and slightly precarious in places– but well worth it. Plan and dress to get wet; and remember to save energy for the return trip back up the to the exit.

Yes, Paris

Last, but certainly not least. The City of Lights. The City of Love. It’s the international destination so nice they had to name it twice. How could Paris not make the cut? It oozes romance. You can pretty much feel romantic just being in Paris– but here are a couple of ideas to get your juices flowing. Spend a cuddly evening alternating between the plentiful bars and cafes in the fashionable 4th Arrondissement after a day featuring a bounty of boutique shopping and the world famous Centre Pompidou museum. Don’t forget an afternoon stroll along the Seine River with the other sexy tourist couples celebrating Valentine’s Day and the sexy Parisian couples celebrating Thursday.

If you’re feeling particularly festive this Valentine’s day, consider booking a one-of-a-kind meal in the Eiffel Tower. The restaurant 58 Tour Eiffel has a special Valentine’s Day dinner that promises cuisine to match the majestic views of the city. The name of the restaurant underscores the fact that it is 58 meters (about 18 floors) above ground level.

There is something inherently sexy about a nighttime dinner meal for two high above one of the world’s most romantic cities. Make the most of it and meander your way back to the hotel by way of an  apres-dinner dance among lights of the Champs Elyseé before retiring for dessert.



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