10 Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him


Don’t wrack your brain this Valentine’s Day trying to figure out what he wants. Surprise your travel loving man with a gift that will make every journey easier, more comfortable and more stylish. Men often relegate their luggage and accessories to afterthoughts. But just like his clothes, they can speak volumes. This Valentine’s Day you can help make him a more efficient traveler and up his style game in the process.

Garment Weekender Bag

For those two-day turnarounds, no other piece of luggage does a better job of combining the clothes-cradling comfort of a garment bag with the rugged portability of a duffel. This recently popularized design will separate his hanging suit/ clothes in a compartment that folds origami-like to form the, still usable, interior of the duffle. Many include collapsible inner bags for individual shoes.  Hook & Albert is well known in the space and J. Crew recently debuted its take. Either should encourage him to plan a quick getaway with you.photo credit: hookandalbert.com

RFID Wallet

Better safe than sorry. This is a sort of just in case purchase, like insurance. First, find out if he likes sleeves or bi-folds– some guys have a distinct preference. The one he currently uses is a good indicator. Find one like that– but with RFID blocking for that extra piece of mind for you both.photo credit: herschel.com

Noise Cancelling Headphones

For everyday use I prefer to listen to music and take calls via earbuds rather than over-the-ear headphones. I like the discreet functionality. But there are certainly times when traveling, that it’s preferable to tune out everything possible.  Contribute to your lover’s serenity by having his ears ensconced in a cushioned soundcloud that uses technology to suppress external noise. These classically styled headphones provide clearer music and something approaching silence when it’s needed. There are a number of brands across the design and price spectrum that offer varying levels of noise cancelling. Bose was first in the market and does it better than most. Its QuietComfort 35 is top notch. However, it’s no longer the only king of the hill. Some reviews rate Sony’s latest version– the oddly named WH-1000 XM3— at least as good as the Bose offering.photo credit: bose.com

Shoulder / Cross Body Bag

Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder on this one. And we trust you’ll know what size and style best suits your man, but a cross body/ shoulder bag is incredibly useful for the frequent flying gentleman. Smaller and more svelte than a typical messenger bag, it should be just large enough to carry a few essentials like a notebook, phone and a large tablet or a slim 13” laptop. The  cross body style will keep just enough important items at the ready and is versatile enough to use as daily bag. You’ll smile inside when he starts having things like lotion handy for you to use–  Malinda did.photo credit: ruitertassen.com

Universal Adapter / Converter

It’s a universal truth that there is never enough power when you need it. That goes quadruple when you’re in another country. A handy, dandy universal adapter and converter will let him flex his MacGyver muscle internationally.  Make sure it has some USB slots and that it’s both a converter and adapter.photocredit: amazon.com

Trtl Travel Pillow

First off, it’s pronounced “turtle”. Second, it isn’t like the vast majority of neck pillows on the market. It’s a scarf with mechanically engineered innards that should keep his head from flopping about like a fish when he’s flying. The design is sleeker and more packable than a traditional neck pillow and could probably do you some good too.  If so, consider making it a his and yours purchase. FYI, the version pictured is their new and improved and Travel Pillow Plus and is taking pre-orders as of this posting. No worries, the original is well reviewed and available for Valentine’s Day.photo credit: trtltravel.com

Dopp Kit

It’s ok if he already has one. Get him a second one in a different style or size than his current option. If his is basic, go luxe, big/ small, etc. He’ll appreciate the choice the next time he packs and realizes that he could use more or less product than his current kit can fit. photo credit: aersf.com

Portable Power

Filed also under: there’s never enough power. This time your sweetheart will thank you for helping him take things into his own hands with a portable battery that’ll light his fire. Mophie is among the companies that produces some great compact, high-watt devices. Make sure you get enough wattage to power his laptop in a pinch. Check to see that there are enough USB ports– of the right type—  to power several of his assorted devices at once. USB C is the latest standard, but not everyone has electronics that use it.mophie.com

Packing Cubes

I’m a recent convert having seen Malinda use them to make incredibly efficient use of space in her carry-on. Help your honey capture bragging rights in the “most stuff, smallest space” competition that exists in many of our heads. I haven’t yet come across a set that hits my style sweet spot. Until then, there’s always black.photo credit: ebags.com

Rolling International Carry-on

This is another judgment call depending on what luggage he already has.  There are two basic choices– a clamshell or a garment bag. Metal, nylon and plastic are among the choices for clamshells. Find out if your Valentine prefers a hard or soft case. Both have functional and aesthetic pros and cons. Your choice should have four (4) great wheels and a sturdy handle. Everything else will be a matter of preference. Stylish men– or those who wear suits/ blazers often– may prefer the garment bag for their travels. The Vocier option pictured is an elegant choice if your sweetheart is discerning– and deserving. It has two fewer wheels than Tumi’s version, but makes up for it in style points.photo credit: vocier.com



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